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Want to export Smartsupp communication to a 3rd party system of your choice? Set up sending copy of all chat conversations to your server.

How it works

Copy of all finished chat conversations, missed conversations and offline messages is sent in JSON format in real-time to a URL of your choice. You can then process all Smartsupp conversations on your server and import it to a 3rd party system of your choice (CRM, help desk etc.).

How to activate the POST hook

Send an email to lukas@smartsupp.com where you specify your custom URL. On our end we will set sending all chat conversations to that URL.

How to handle requests

Example of PHP script

$data = file_get_contents('php://input');
// store data
file_put_contents('data.json', $data);
// or parse and process
$json = json_decode($data);

Example JSON request

	"accountId": 208,
	"beginAt": 1427470439703,
	"endAt": 1427470476687,
	"channel": {
		"id": 55039,
		"isChat": true,
		"isMissed": false,
		"isTriggered": true,
		"isOffline": false,
		"isCompleted": true,
		"isDropped": false,
		"duration": 36,
		"avgResponse": 14,
		"firstResponse": 14,
		"messagesCount": 5,
		"wordsCount": 11,
		"rating": 5,
		"ratingDesc": ""
		"id": 27671,
		"name": "Dusan Kmet",
		"email": "dusan@domain.com",
		"note": "VIP customer",
		"groupKey": null,
		"ipAddress": "",
		"city": "Czech Republic",
		"countryCode": "CZ",
		"country": "Brno",
		"userAgent": "Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_8_5) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/41.0.2272.89 Safari/537.36",
		"platform": "MacIntel",
		"referer": "",
		"variables": {
			"chatId":{ "label":"Chat ID", "value":208 },
			"chatPackage":{ "label":"Chat Package", "value":"pro" },
			"userId":{ "label":"User ID", "value":"1234" }
		"url": "http://developers.smartsupp.com/smartsupp/hook-post",
		"title": "POST Hook · Smartsupp"
	}, {
		"url": "http://developers.smartsupp.com",
		"title": "API · Smartsupp"
		"type": "visitor",
		"from": "mxTiqn9adr2h39kmzAJ0FeaTGFJhmjio0R41491503012015",
		"content": "Hello",
		"sentAt": 1427470439703,
		"triggeredBy": null,
		"email": null
	}, {
		"type": "system",
		"name": "John Doe",
		"from": 3,
		"content": "agent.join",
		"sentAt": 1427470446219,
		"triggeredBy": null,
		"email": null
	}, {
		"type": "agent",
		"name": "",
		"from": null,
		"content": "This is triggered message",
		"sentAt": 1427470449706,
		"triggeredBy": "Test Trigger",
		"email": null
	}, {
		"type": "agent",
		"name": "John Doe",
		"from": 3,
		"content": "Hi, how can i help you ?",
		"sentAt": 1427470453772,
		"triggeredBy": null,
		"email": null
	}, {
		"type": "visitor",
		"name": "Dusan Kmet",
		"from": "mxTiqn9adr2h39kmzAJ0FeaTGFJhmjio0R41491503012015",
		"content": "tanks.",
		"sentAt": 1427470473124,
		"triggeredBy": null,
		"email": null
	}, {
		"type": "system",
		"name": "Dusan Kmet",
		"from": null,
		"content": "close.visitorClose",
		"sentAt": 1427470476687,
		"triggeredBy": null,
		"email": null

Request values

accountIdintAccount id
beginAtintTimestamp of conversation start
endAtintTimestamp of conversation end
channelobjectChannel info
channel.idintId of channel
channel.isChatbooleanTrue if visitor and agent send message
channel.isMissedbooleanTrue if agent don't respond to last visitor message
channel.isTriggeredbooleanTrue if chat has at least one trigger message
channel.isOfflinebooleanTrue chat was offline chat (visitor send offline message)
channel.isCompletedbooleanTrue chat was closed and visitor has response by agent on every message.
channel.isDroppedbooleanTrue chat was dropped.
channel.durationintNum of seconds.
channel.avgResponseintNum of seconds.
channel.firstResponseintNum of seconds.
channel.messagesCountintNum of messages in chat.
channel.wordsCountintNum of words in chat.
channel.ratingintChat rating (null if visitor don't send rating or rating is disabled).
channel.ratingDescstringChat rating comment.
visitorobjectVisitor info
pathsobject[]List of paths
messagesobject[]List of messages