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Chat box language setup with one line of code

<script> smartsupp('language','en'); // set your language </script>

Supported languages: en, ar, az, bg, br, ca, cn, cs, da, de, el, es, fa, fi, fr, he, hi, hr, hu, is, it, ja, ka, lt, lv, mk, nl, no, pl, pt, ro, ru, sk, sl, sr, sv, th, tr, tw, uk

Custom texts

If you want a language, that is not supported in the list above, or you want to modify existing texts, you can write your own texts in any language. See examples below on how to rewrite text. All customizable texts are listed at the end of this page.

<script> smartsupp('translate', { widget: { online: 'WIDGET EN online' } }, 'en'); // update en translates </script>

Custom Privacy notice

If you have in Chat box > Options selected 'Show notice about personal data processing' and do not want default text use code below and adjust it to your needs.

<script> smartsupp('translate', { privacyNotice: { title: 'Privacy notice title', text: 'Privacy notice text.' } }); </script>

Modification of multiple languages

<script> smartsupp('translate', { widget: { online: 'WIDGET EN online' } }, 'en'); // update en translates smartsupp('translate', { widget: { online: 'WIDGET DE online' } }, 'de'); // update de translates </script>

How to create completely new texts

<script> // define new translates for language "xx" // missing translates are added by default in EN smartsupp('translate', { widget: { online: 'WIDGET XX online' } }, 'xx'); // set your created language smartsupp('language','xx'); </script>

List of texts that are customizable

<script> smartsupp('translate', { online: { // online window title: 'Support', infoTitle: 'Live chat', infoDesc: 'Ask us anything', maximize: 'Maximize', minimize: 'Minimize', hideTitle: 'Hide chat', closeTitle: 'Close chat', settingsTitle: 'Settings', disableSounds: 'Disable sounds', enableSounds: 'Enable sounds', visitor: 'Me', send: 'Send', textareaPlaceholder: 'Write here, press to send', typingMsg: '{name} is typing...', transcriptSendingTitle: 'Sending email...', transcriptSendingDesc: '', transcriptSendedTitle: 'Email was successfully sent', transcriptSendedDesc: '' }, offline: { // offline window title: 'Send us a message', notice: 'We are not available at the moment, but you can leave us a message. We will respond as soon as possible.', hideTitle: 'Hide chat', required: '', name: 'Name', email: 'Email', number: 'Phone', message: 'Your message', submit: 'Send message', messageRequiredAlert: 'You have not entered a message.', emailRequiredAlert: 'You have not entered an email address.', emailInvalidAlert: 'Invalid email address', sendInfo: 'Sending email...', successTitle: 'Thank you for your message', successDesc: 'Your message was sent successfully. We will contact you soon.', failureTitle: 'Error', failureDesc: 'We are sorry but your message wasn\'t sent.' }, login: { // pre-chat form window title: 'Chat login', notice: '', messageLabel: 'Your question', submit: 'Start chat' }, widget: { // chat box online: 'Ask us anything', away: 'Ask us anything', offline: 'Leave us a message', }, banner: { // chat banners bubble: { text: 'We are ready for your questions!' }, arrow: { title: 'Any questions?', desc: 'We are ready to answer.' } }, button : { // mobile widget title: 'Live chat' }, dialogClose: { title: 'Would you like to end the conversation?', yes: 'Yes', no: 'No', send: 'Yes, and send chat to email' }, dialogSend: { title: 'Send conversation to email', email: 'Email', yes: 'Send', no: 'Cancel' }, dialogRating: { title: 'How would you rate the chat?', cancel: 'I don\'t want to rate', submit: 'Send', commentTitle: 'Your comment' } }, 'en'); </script>