Customer info

Do you have a webshop or web application? Show info about your customers (name, email, spend etc.) in Smartsupp dashboard, where your agents can see it. You will find customer info in the right panel while chatting. If you are using a Smartsupp plugin for Wordpress, Prestashop or Magento, you can activate customer info in your plugin settings, otherwise use this API to set it up.

Visitor's email and name

<script> smartsupp('email', ''); smartsupp('name', 'John Doe'); </script>
  • Name is displayed in visitor list in dashboard
  • You can search visitors by email or name

Custom visitor info

<script> smartsupp('variables', { userId: { label: 'User ID ', value: 123 }, role: { label: 'Customer status', value: 'VIP' }, orderedPrice: { label: 'Customer spend in online store', value: '800 EUR' } }); </script>