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languageSet chat box language
nameSet visitor's name
emailSet visitor's email
statusSet visitor's status to active or idle
groupSet visitor's group
variablesSet additional visitor's info


chat:translateTranslation of chat box to other languages, change of predefined texts
chat:avatarSet logo inside chat box, which is displayed by default when no agent is connected
chat:messageSet pre-filled message in chat box, text is not sent
chat:sendSend custom text in conversation in chat box
chat:openOpen chat box
chat:closeClose chat box
chat:endEnd chat conversation

Theme Only for paid accounts

theme:setChange theme. Supported themes: 'flat', 'default'
theme:colorSet one specific chat box color
theme:colorsSet chat box colors
theme:optionSet one specific theme option
theme:optionsSet theme options
theme:stylesSet CSS styles

Banner Only for paid accounts

banner:setSet new chat bubble
banner:updateChange setup of current chat bubble

Visitor Recording

recording:disableDisable page recording
recording:ignoreIgnore recording of some parts of your page


agent.joinFires when agent joins a chat or when page is loaded and agent is already in chat. Can be used to modify agent properties like name or description based on your conditions (e.g: language, name).
agent.leaveFires when agent leave chat.
eventFires when occours chat event. Data are same as data sended to google analytics.
loginFires when visitor finish login.
messageFires when visitor, agent or trigger send message into chat. Fired for all messages in chat.
sentFires when user sent message.
statusFires when online status of Smartsupp account is changed and when chat (page) is loaded.