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Smartsupp Chat API allows you to change design and colors of chat box, modify chat box behavior and track events, based on which you can create triggers. Chat API is asynchronous, therefore you can call the API anywhere in your HTML page. Functionality is divided into groups, which you can see in chat API overview.

Important notice

To be able to use chat API, you need to insert Smartsupp chat code into your website. You have received an email with the code upon registration. You can also find the code in dashboard (Chat -> Live chat code). The chat code has to be placed above all API calls in your website code.

We recommend inserting chat code into website header between tags &!lt;head&!gt; and &!lt;/head&!gt;. This way you can use chat API anywhere in your website.

You can write smartsupp right in the browser's console to test the accessibility of the chat API. If the variable is defined you can continue further.

How it works

All chat API calls are made with global variable smartsupp. First parameter NAME defines what API method will be used. It's followed by parameteres depending on called API method

	smartsupp(NAME, PARAM, PARAM...);

Setup language

If you have a multi-language website, you can define different language for every language mutation or webpage. Supported languages: en, ar, az, bg, br, ca, cn, cs, da, de, el, es, fa, fi, fr, he, hi, hr, hu, is, it, ja, ka, lt, lv, mk, nl, no, pl, pt, ro, ru, sk, sl, sr, sv, th, tr, tw, uk

	smartsupp('language', 'pl');

Detailed visitor's info

You can send information about web visitors from your database to Smartsupp (e.g. name, email, revenue generated). So your visitors won't be anonymous and your chat agents will see info about every visitor, enabling agents to better focus on VIP visitors and provide customized answers. You can find more info in this example.

	// basic info
	smartsupp('email', 'john@doe.com');
	smartsupp('name', 'John Doe');
	// extra info
	smartsupp('variables', {
		userId: { label: 'User ID ', value: 123 },
		orderedPrice: { label: 'Ordererd Price in Eshop', value: '128 000' }